As a Democrat, Mario Martinez understands the critical importance of small businesses in South Carolina. As a successful small business owner, Mario’s priorities include advocating for a better business climate for start-ups and small businesses throughout South Carolina. Mario views small businesses as engines of opportunity for women, people of color, and people in rural areas of the state. By supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship, Mario will work to create more jobs and encourage residents to shop locally for both goods and services. Mario will push to open up access to credit, and will find ways to provide tax relief and tax simplification for small business owners. He will work to expand access to new markets for S.C. business owners— whether across their city, across the state, or around the world. Mario will fight to provide targeted funding and support for entrepreneurship and small business growth in underserved communities.


District 123
Mario Martinez and his sisters


For Mario Martinez, the middle class is the heart and soul of the South Carolina economy. As a businessman, he understands that as the state’s residents increase their purchasing power through higher wages, the demand for South Carolina’s products and services will also grow. He believes that each person who puts forth the effort to succeed in the competitive workforce should be able to earn sufficient wages to be able to provide for his or her family. He also believes that our state needs affordable health benefits and plans to better prepare workers for retirement. Mario will work to implement public policies that will motivate business owners to raise wages, which will productivity and loyalty and address the labor shortage being felt in many areas of the state.


As a father, Mario comprehends that children are the future of our state and our country. South Carolina’s education system is deficient, and Mario will not rest until our schools receive the adequate funding they deserve. Teachers deserve higher pay and better working conditions, and our children must be safe at school. Mario will work to make sure educators have the resources and training they need to help our students become the best in the country.

In addition, Mario is deeply concerned about gun violence and will support increased safety measures to prevent this tragedy from occurring again. He supports the second amendment, respects responsible gun owners, and is willing to work with other legislators to establish better background checks, limit access to military-style guns and create a system to reward responsible gun owners. Mario will work to reform the system of school funding that relies on local taxes. He would like to see education funding allocation driven by population numbers. If elected, Mario will provide South Carolina schools with equal access to resources for a better and safer education system.


Mario and Family


Mario Martinez stands ready to protect the health of our water and beaches in South Carolina. Living on Hilton Head Island, he knows the importance of clean beaches for the health of the state’s tourism, fishing and other industries. Mario will work to maintain clean water, clean air, and oil-free beaches for Hilton Head & Daufuskie Island.


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